It’s an EASTER egg hunt

By Jane Schindler | Mar 29, 2013


I'm responding to the City of Edmonds about an Everett Herald article "It's an egg hunt, without the Easter part" published March 27, 2013.

I'm angry, disgusted and sad with your decision to remove "Easter" from the annual Edmonds egg hunt.   You mention last year a person complained about the city being involved in an egg hunt at all.

Are you suggesting it's important that everyone agrees on various issues?

What is happening to us as individuals and communities when compassion and tolerance for differing opinions is eroding rapidly?

I am a Christian and believe in long held traditions and also respect non-Christians beliefs.

The problem arises when I am expected to continue to relinquish what’s important to me for the sake of the opposing group.

Maybe next year someone will complain about Saint Patrick's Day and it will become known as March 17th Green Day!

Sad day for Edmonds.    God help us all!


Jane Schindler


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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Mar 31, 2013 10:54

Now I better understand why so many support our governments sponsoring a Christian event.

Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Mar 31, 2013 16:11

I believe Ms. Schindler perhaps misses a point.  I, too, am a Christian, and as much as I support the city doing things for the kids, Easter is a religious holiday, and a government body has no business promoting a religious observance. (Though on might observe than an Egg Hunt is pretty far removed from a "religious" event...)

Frankly, I don't see any sign of relinquishing anything for "the opposing group - because I don't see other religions as "opposing". Should  Edmonds put on, shall we say, a Seder?

I celebrate Holy Week, Easter, Christmas - but I am also glad that we live in a country where government, at least in theory, favors no religion over another, or any religion over the law.

So - I'm all for an Egg Hunt.  You may call it and Easter Egg Hunt yourself, but the city has no business spending tax money on religious events.  Let a church put on an Easter Egg Hunt, and let a church put up a Christmas tree.  But it is not city business to do so.

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