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Is your stylist asking you the right questions?

Jun 07, 2018

Many times we experience miscommunications between ourselves and our stylist, resulting in an unhappy experience. At Studio Prominence, we pride ourselves in our thorough consultations.

How do you want your hair to make you feel?

What do you not like about your hair?

What is your end goal?

What does your morning routine look like?

Is there anything we can do differently this time?

After a consultation you should feel confident in the plan you and your stylist have created. This is true for each visit. Our styles, face shapes and colorings change. Is your hair changing properly with your overall look? Are you happy each time you leave the salon? Can you achieve the look at home?

Call 425-967-3979 today to experience a FREE consultation with us. We want your hair dreams to come to life just as much as you do.  Studio Prominence, 221 James St. #100, Edmonds.  www.studioprominence.com

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