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Is your canine suffering from allergies?

Mar 12, 2018

Are you constantly battling ear infections with your dog? Is your dog always chewing or licking at its paws?

Chances are good that these are merely symptoms of an underlying allergy. Proper diagnosis and treatment of any infections is an important first step. After the infections have resolved, a systematic approach to diagnosis of the allergy is crucial to achieving long-term relief.

While an initial allergy workup isn’t necessarily complicated, it does take time and commitment. It is essential to perform this workup under the guidance of a skilled veterinarian to minimize the waste of time and money.

The treatment of allergic disease can have a significant, positive impact on the quality of life of our canine companions. If you are concerned that your pet may suffer from chronic allergies, you’re encouraged to contact Fifth Avenue Animal Hospital – 425-412-3314 – reception@fifthavenuevet.com.

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