Is this thing on?

By John McAlpine | Mar 08, 2012
Photo by: John McAlpine A summer's day at Safeco


Is this thing on?

Obnoxious John



Sometimes I feel like the comic standing before an audience that isn't laughing. It's like I'm not sure the mic is working and you can hear me. But of course you could, if I has something to say. What's really happened is my taking a bit of a blog break and not posting with any sort of regularity here at the auspicious environs of the Mukilteo/South Everett/Edmonds Beacons web site.


I know you missed me like a dog misses fleas. You knew there was something different but couldn't put your paw on it. Lately instead of providing blog copy to my blog space provider, I've been doing other, less entertaining things.

But no matter now. The new website is up and running and I'm here to blog and act gracious when you comment, complain, compliment or criticize.

It's my favorite time of year, March Madness is bearing down on us like an out of control semi with no brakes, spring training has resumed and of course hope springs eternal regarding the M's. Lots of new names and lots of new hopes and dreams. Carlos Guillen retires and proves, to me anyway, time really does fly. It seems only yesterday he came to Seattle in the Randy Johnson trade.

The Husky and Cougar roundball teams have something in common this season, both playing only one game in the PAC 12 Championship Tournament.

I've been reading the autobiography of Red Smith, one of the best sportswriters ever to tap at a keyboard. I wrote that sentence because it's the only way Red Smith and I will ever be mentioned in the same breath regarding writing about sports. I guess being a blogger has its perks after all.


Now go out there and take one for the team!

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Posted by: Paul Archipley | Mar 08, 2012 22:07

Red would be pleased to know he's remembered, even in the blogosphere by the Obnoxious One himself… Now you two have been linked twice!

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