Is solar power a scam?

Sep 19, 2013


The author of the Beacon article (PUD customers’ solar energy generation hits 2 megawatts – Aug. 29) states, in part, "More than 350 PUD customers now cover part of their electricity needs..."

Why not get specific?  Let us start with the following.  During the first three months of 2013, why not state the total KW hours these 350 customers demanded from the PUD, compared to the same period for 350 equal mix customers without PV (Solar)?

And while the Beacon is at the task of getting to the truths re: PV, perhaps it could publish the findings of this study:  Feasibility Study of Economics and Performance of Solar PhotoVoltaics at the Snohomish County Cathcart Landfill Site in Snohomish County, Washington - Technical Report NREL/TP-7A40-58328 April 2013.

Let me help by reporting the final sentence of the document's section 6, Conclusion and Recommendations.  This report finds that a PV system is a possible use for the site, but that project economics are unfavorable.

PV certainly is a great scam by the extreme greens, as they like to say.

Steve Keeler


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