Is America following in Rome’s footsteps?

By John Pierre | Nov 25, 2013

What's happening with this once proud country of ours?  It would seem that our various federal elected representatives are more interested in pleasing their party leaders than they are in working for the good of America.

The finger of blame is being pointed at Republicans by Democrats and at Democrats by Republicans for all of the ills that have become commonplace in our United States of America.

Supposedly, the more intelligent among our voters (and they seem greatly limited these days) are hoping to put people in office who will be working for the good and/or betterment of America, and not to further the whims/dictates of their party of choice.

Just listening to the television news, which mostly nauseates me, one gets the impression that we are becoming a more and more divided nation.

The de facto in-for-life senators and representatives are like sheep being led by a self-appointed shepherd who is fully involved in satisfying personal and party, sometimes devious, intentions rather than first being Americans.

Representatives are properly in federal office to speak for their constituents in a certain area of their respective states, but that does not lessen their obligation to our country.  Senators are specifically charged with doing what's best for America including our stature in the world community.  Are you satisfied that they are doing the job for which they were elected?  I'm not.

To a much lesser degree, the same syndrome seems to be happening in our beautiful Edmonds by the Sea community.

It very much appears that voters in local area elections are more impressed by a candidate's party of preference rather than their commitment to their own principles and the welfare of the community they are supposedly elected to guide.

In fairness, it is difficult to understand what these principles and intentions are, as we rarely know the true nature of the candidate. They are not required to declare a general policy or, for that matter, a party.

They are sometimes noted with a "party of preference" on the ballot, but most of what we read about them otherwise may or may not be truthful.  To read the prepared statements of the candidates in the print media, they all seem to be interested in doing everything right for the community.  Who knows what their real agenda might be?

Should we, as voters, have a preference of one party over the other?  I believe we should, but it is still our obligation to put people in office who will serve our community better.  Name recognition should not be the deciding factor in an election, either locally or federally.

Unfortunately, as some less-than-desirable individuals stay in office forever, it appears that name recognition is the reality. Too bad.

When, as my grandpappy was used to saying, are we "going to wake up and die right?"  The way we are heading federally should be a red flag that America, like ancient Rome, is heading for self destruction.

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Posted by: john dolan | Nov 26, 2013 09:19

Well said. Values in this country have been changing for a long time and not for the better. The culprit is the American public. We are going through a long period of apathy, which started in the late sixties and is still here. One value that has played out is this idea that " I don't care as long as it doesn't affect me". We are seeing the results today - the overall decline of American society. I hope America can right it self before its too late. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes an very extreme crisis for that to happen.

Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Nov 27, 2013 09:51

Values have indeed been changing for a long time: depending on how long you mean, we have enfranchised women, ended segregation, made baby steps toward broader health care, begun to recognize the dignity and equality of LGBT persons, become aware of environmental degradation, etc.  If you feel that values are not changing for the better, that American society is declining, perhaps you could give us some examples?  I am certain that there are ways in which things are very bad - increased polarization of our politics, increasing inequality of income, increasing corporate control of politics...  and if these are what you mean, then I second the idea, and I, for one, would like to hear how you feel we can make things better?

Posted by: john dolan | Dec 06, 2013 11:21

Presidential leadership, bringing people together for compromise with a common vision for the country, encouraging more people  to participate in the democratic process (which is sorely lacking and will be gone without it), overhaul of our educational system to enable people to become smarter and to help this country and the world improve quality of life and compete in a global market, and a rebirth of the family unit. These might be good places to start. Tell me those areas are just fine. 

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