In support of the Port plan

By Phil Lovell | Mar 19, 2013


I wish to express my support of the Port of Edmonds request to modify the applicable sections within the City’s Comprehensive Plan incorporating their submitted master plan.

This plan represents only conceptual land use elements and configurations associated with potential future re-development at the Port’s Harbor Square property.

Approval of this master plan is only the first step towards further detailed approval processes by the Port, City, and public once the Port engages a developer/builder(s) with a specific project(s) proposal brought forward.

While recognizing that their originally submitted plan is subject to modification inherent with the City’s current approval process I believe both the tenor and scope of such revisions should preserve as closely as possible the original concepts within the Port’s plan.

To this end I would like to offer the following points:


1.   The concept plan submitted by the Port meets the requirements and design guidelines set forth within the City’s Comp Plan.

Specifically our Comp. Plan for the Harbor Square area supports mixed use including residential and taller buildings while both respecting and supporting other Comp. Plan land use enhancements desired by the City as follows:

  • Accommodation of human scale by varying street orientations, building stepbacks, and building heights.
  • Pedestrian routes, circulation, and access linking both elements within the potential complex plus approaches from other sections of town (primarily Dayton/SR-104)
  • Accommodations for future potential public amenities to be incorporated by the City
  • Respect for the marsh and adherence to the pending revised Shoreline Master Program currently under City review
  • Appropriate building architectural styles and features
  • Public view corridor preservation
  • Relative mix or ratio of uses
  • Accommodation of existing major uses of the site—specifically the hotel and health club


2. There is a great deal of public support for a master plan covering Harbor Square.  The plan submitted by the Port reflects such support.

Furthermore, Action Plan Number 1b.3 ranked ‘Very High’ in priority by the public within the final draft of the City’s new Strategic Plan states:  “Review and approve a long term master plan and agreement for the Port of Edmonds Harbor Square property that enhances the waterfront environment, public access, and promotes mixed use development.”

This plan is before us now.


3. Regardless of format and content of a finally approved plan, the result should reflect the following:


  • Current provisions within the City of Edmonds Comprehensive Plan
  • Support by the Port for continued efforts by the Port to pursue re-development potential and activity in accordance with the approved master plan, and
  • Flexibility in content and tenor necessary to attract a high quality development proposal and agreement towards achieving reality of the plan and fulfillment of the city’s strategic plan goal as referred to above.


Philip Lovell


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Posted by: john dolan | Jun 16, 2013 17:37

Mr Lovell, bureaucratic mumbo jumbo and wishful thinking. The plan is to build 5 story buildings that does not enhance anything but a developers wallet. Get real.


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