In danger of becoming a ‘carnival town’ | Letter

Aug 28, 2014


Editor, The Beacon:

The Aug. 14 issue of The Beacon contained several letters with modest and respectful observations concerning “A Taste of Edmonds.”

The following week we were treated to a somewhat pious response from the "Chamber" that pointed out the many virtuous things they do [“Community benefits from “A Taste of Edmonds,” page 4, Aug. 21].

I don't know anyone that doesn't understand and appreciate the good works of the various organizations sponsoring this and other events in Edmonds.

However, the one consideration that seems to always be ignored is how these events impact the taxpaying citizens of Edmonds.

Boat owners, who pay rent on their slips all winter long, can't get near their boats in early June when the weather starts to get nice.

The parking shutdown seems to get longer every year, as the festival grows.

Now days the lawn chairs start blocking the sidewalks a week before the Fourth of July parade. What the heck is with that?

If you'd like to open your windows during the hot weather, and you don't appreciate the over amplified and distorted music ... that's tough.

Forget about parking. The evening commute on Halloween is gridlock and the traffic on Walnut is "combat driving" when the ferry unloads.

I could go on, but the point is, the quality of life of the residents of downtown Edmonds does not seem to be a consideration in all the grandiose plans for the summer in Edmonds.

I'm sure we all want to see a vibrant and prosperous city center, but it seems to me, we are in danger of becoming the "carnival town" of Snohomish county. A fun place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

Just sayin' ...


Cliff Ruthrauff



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