Impact of coal, climate change deserve scrutiny

Feb 19, 2014


Thanks to columnist Lance Dickie for his opinion piece “Climate change: mitigation, adaptation” in the Seattle Times Feb. 14 edition.

It’s heartening to learn that organizations and individuals with some clout are taking this issue seriously and investigating how it will impact our region and changes we need to make now.

Gov. Inslee is right on target, making this issue a top priority.

Kudos to our state Department of Ecology for doing a complete environmental review of the proposed coal export terminals including transporting coal from the mines In Montana and Wyoming, down the Columbia River and north up the Washington coast.

Coal industry officials who oppose such a complete review are very short-sighted.

What would be the point of generating new jobs in an industry that destroyed the health of the workers, community residents, and the environment in which we all live?

Sharon Sneddon


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