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Feb 18, 2018

What about the idling locomotive?

The Edmonds Beacon periodically runs letters about idling vehicles and emissions.

There is a yellow locomotive kept across from the marina that idles for hours at a time. Apparently, the city of Edmonds gives the railroad a nod and a wink on those diesel emissions.


John Christensen


Producer’s comments don’t reflect Edmonds’ welcoming nature

It was outrageous to read the statements by producer Annabel Hovig of the Driftwood Players, who are performing "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee's classic story of deep-seated racism in the 1930s deep South (“Driftwood Players to stage diverse ‘Mockingbird’,” Feb. 1).

After her director emphasized that the play was as much about a town's complicity with the injustice as it was about a courageous white lawyer daring to defend an African American defendant, Hovig stated, "It is very difficult to watch this play and say times have changed … Right here in our quiet village by the sea, two contractors found a noose hanging in their work site."

In Lee's story, the innocent African-American man was brutally murdered by an angry mob.

I'm sure she probably didn't mean to, but Hovig makes it sound as though there is the same systemic and violent racism today in the city of Edmonds that existed in 1930s Alabama. The so-called "noose incident" allegedly involved a couple of African-American construction workers who reportedly found a noose at an Edmonds construction site.

We first heard about it about three or four people removed. The police investigation went exactly nowhere and was soon closed, apparently due to lack of evidence. To equate this unconfirmed incident with the pervasive racism displayed in Harper Lee's story is ridiculous and insulting to the people of Edmonds.

This is a friendly town that welcomes people of all races.

I can understand wanting to sell tickets to your play, but let's not resort to inappropriate, unfair and undeserved implications to sell those tickets. Let Harper Lee's story and the convincing performances of your actors do the job.

I urge people to go see this play. It is a truly classic story that tackles the difficult subject of pervasive and frightening racism from 80 years ago as seen through the eyes of an innocent child.

Nancy Farnam


Is the Beacon fake news?

Are you, yes you Edmonds Beacon, kidding me? Are you trying to be the National Enquirer of Puget Sound? Making a "possible" hate crime the headline of this week’s Edmonds Beacon (aka Edmonds Bacon) is "fake news" for sure (“Police investigating a possible hate crime,” Feb. 8).

#1. Harvey's Lounge is NOT Edmonds. It's up there on Highway 99 where Edmonds folks fear to tread. Oh yeah, it may be within the city limits, but Edmonds folks are down here going to restaurants on the waterfront, Main street and Fifth Avenue.

#2. "Possible" means basically = WE ARE NOT SURE YET … but we'll write it up that way to "SELL" more papers. Oh WAIT … you don't sell papers!

#3. Edmonds folks, either left or right politically, are the nicest folks in Puget Sound. Didn't the Edmonds Bacon hear we are repeatedly the FRIENDLIEST TOWN in Washington?

#4. You wrote in INK that the police are investigating "IF" a crime occurred.

Give me a break. Print a paper that reflects the tone of Edmonds, and the tone of Edmonds is peaceful and kindness.

PS. Go see “The Post” and learn something.

Glenn Steinberg


Thanks for story on Gold Star Mom Monica McNeal

Thanks very much for the wonderful front-page piece on one of our favorite Gold Star Moms. I was privileged to meet Monica McNeal at our Veterans Day ceremony and was moved by her son’s story.

This article says a lot about the value our new Edmonds Veterans Plaza brings to the community, and I can never say enough about Mike Reagan’s ongoing efforts to help the families of veterans who are no longer with us.

Many of our members live outside of Edmonds, especially on Whidby Island and in Mukilteo, so I have taken the liberty of sending a broadcast email to the membership (some 190 of us) of VFW Post 8870 with a link to the article.

Thank you once again for the Beacon’s support of our local Veterans.

Mike Denton, Commander
Edmonds VFW Post 8870


Disappointed in the Taste


Re: “ ‘Blowing up’ ” the Taste: Major changes in store,” Feb. 1: I moved to Edmonds last spring and attended my first Taste of Edmonds later in the year.

After enjoying so many wonderful community events, I was very disappointed in the Taste, especially in the dismal selection of vendors. I was so glad I went during the hours that were free for those who live in Edmonds because I would have regretted having to pay for so little entertainment.

I did enjoy a Hawaiian burger while listening to some good music, but I was in and out within an hour. When I saw the kids area, I wondered if I should have brought my grandsons with me – that was before I saw the cost of those rides and games!

As I drove by one evening on my way home, I couldn't help but feel extremely grateful that I am not one of the many residents who live adjacent to the festival location and have to listen to the booming music 12 hours a day.

I love living in Edmonds with everything it has to offer, but this particular event is one I'm happy to forego.

Patricia Valentine


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