I want a future

By Richard Bisbee | May 20, 2013

Dear Mr. Pierre:

I have to thank you for being the Curmudgeon that you are, especially about the issue of coal trains passing through Edmonds and other communities with the potential increase of trains if a port is built at Cherry Point north of Bellingham.

You’ve helped keep the issue in people’s minds that may not have known about it.  The burning of all fossil fuels is adding to greenhouse gases and climate change.

You question where is the science.  I wish to ask where have you sought out the research.

If you base your beliefs on Fox News, then you’ve really dumbed down what you offer to the public.

There are thousands of reports, studies and, well, REALITY.  Things are changing.

Do you know that it was reported we recently crossed the 400 ppm (parts per million) of a carbon dioxide threshold, where many scientists feel 350 ppm was already a tipping point? Check out www.350.org .

Please also check out Sightline Institute’s daily emails from Eric DePlace’s postings that are filled with original source references you can go to and find out why, what and how he writes what he writes about coal issues.

You may have missed the showing of the documentary, “Chasing Ice” that Sustainable Edmonds with the support of the Sierra Club recently hosted at the Plaza room above the Library a few weeks back.

You can see the effects of global warming by going to their website, www.chasingice.com .  It’s about a National Geographic photographer documenting the melting of glaciers that are receding and not coming back.

Note, melting snow and ice adds volume to the ocean, which is a “good” thing to dilute all the extra carbon dioxide making the oceans more acidic, threatening all sea life.

However, rising oceans will also threaten coastal communities, including Edmonds.

I don’t wish to be an alarmist, but our planet is changing.  Nature doesn’t need us and would do better without us.

Check out what a British newspaper reported about native communities in Alaska experiencing rising seawaters due to climate change: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/interactive/2013/may/13/newtok-alaska-climate-change-refugees (Why not a US paper?)

You have the right to believe what you want to believe even if it’s like putting your head in the sand, but sincerely ask yourself, “What if you’re wrong?”  Are you a gambling man?

My wife and I were talking to our daughter at New York University as Hurricane Sandy approached.  We lost contact and then saw pictures of water flooding the city and the subways.  What’s going to happen this year?

You call us “greenies” which is better than “green fascists,” which doesn’t make sense anyway, in previous letters to the editor.

I know we all need jobs, but at what cost?  My greatest concern is that we have moved into an area of environmental dynamics where we have no knowledge of what we have unleashed nor any way to alter or control it.

I’m not the enemy John, I’m a concerned citizen that wants a survivable future for us, and for my children and their children’s’ children.

For more information go to http://www.sightline.org/.

Richard Bisbee


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