I see wise use of our money

By Dave Page | Apr 06, 2013


In response to a Letter to the Editor by Mr. Shelton in response to a previous letter of mine:

The city has lived within its approved budget during all of the years since I have been following it. That would include all of Gary Haakensons term, Mike Coopers term and so far all of Mayor Earlings term.

Yes, during the good years we did what any family did in good times, we built new buildings like the new police station, fire station and we bought the existing city hall.

By the way, they are easily worth twice what we paid for them, the citizens got a bargain.

We bought a 5-acre park up near the old Woodway high school and we contracted to build a round about at 5 corners from a federal grant.

That was not wasteful spending but a judicious and wise use of city funds.

Our mayors and city council have been very careful with our money. I just don't see any waste.


Dave Page

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Apr 06, 2013 10:14

Thank you, Dave.  Very well put!


Things can always be discussed, even done better sometimes, and we're not all going to agree - but all this blanket condemnation of every/anything the city does is destructive.


We have some very good people doing their best for the city.  They're not above criticism, but let's a least give them credit for trying hard - and often doing very well!

Posted by: Jim Shelton | Apr 06, 2013 11:58

I think we just have a different understanding of how money should be managed.  A family who buys good stuff, but doesn't save for a rainy day will find itself  stressed when times are bad - thus Edmonds' budget "problem."  If they don't save AND they spend too much they may go in the red or bankrupt - as in Lynnwood 2010/2011... 

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