I’m aghast too

By Derek Jennings | Jun 07, 2013


In the June 6 issue of the Edmonds Beacon, Barbara Tipton responded to my May 30, letter with a breakdown of how street overlays occur.

Wonderful insight!  I wouldn't know, as the streets in my area of Edmonds have not been replaced for over 30 years.

I obviously did not make my point as well as intended. My issue is with prioritization, both on the programmatic side beginning with the Council and following with how Public Works evaluates how to execute funding.

To all residents in the Sherwood area- from Woodway Meadows to Forest Glen, I ask this:  If this levee is approved and money is allocated to repair roadways as has been suggested, will it be our roadways that are fixed?

If you believe that the $750k is sufficient to fix these roads and will be allocated for that purpose then vote yes. If you think that the $750k will instead go elsewhere (again), then join me in voting NO.

If you are tired of bouncing around in your drivers seat because of potholes, or diving out of the way of oncoming vehicles on the sidewalk (excuse me, gravel patches) because drivers were avoiding pot holes, please consider joining me in sending a message.

This isn't a school levee or a fire levee or about the library.

Barbara can be aghast about a letter, and I'll stay aghast about the conditions of my streets until I feel safe allowing my children to walk along them.

They were unsafe when I walked along them to Sherwood Elementary 25 years ago. They've only gotten worse.

Eventually a levee will be needed in conjunction with a guarantee to fix our streets. Barbara's chosen levee isn't it. Vote NO.


Derek Jennings

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