I agree with Bloom

By Cliff Ruthrauff | Mar 14, 2013


I agree with Joan Bloom's column in the March 7, Beacon.

I just can't see how an extra 350 families, with their accompanying automobiles, and the violation of our height restrictions, is a good thing for our town.

I feel that the first and primary criteria that should be met, when considering ANY project or proposal is:

"Does this project/proposal improve the quality of life in Edmonds?"


Cliff Ruthrauff

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Posted by: john dolan | Jun 16, 2013 17:55

I agree with Cliff. A bigger question is why do people come to and enjoy Edmonds? They come because it has that quaint small town charm. They don't come to look at 5 story buildings on the waterfront or large cathedrals on a hill top. All you have to do is look at Kirkland to see where some special interests want to take us. This is where Edmonds is heading if we are not careful. Some people think this kind of development is inevitable. It will be if people don't speak up. This kind of development does not have to occur if you care.

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