How well do you know the Edmonds marina?

Geographically, the Edmonds marina is situated in a spot where the human-built environment and the natural marine ecosphere meet
By Bob McChesney, Executive Director, the Port of Edmond | Jan 31, 2013

What is the Port of Edmonds?

Almost everyone will answer that the Port is a marina and an exceptionally nice one at that.

In reality the Port is quite a bit more than just a boat harbor. It is, however, the most visible part of the Port and was the reason for its creation.

Although to some the marina may look mainly like a sleepy place where boats go to rest between uses, in actuality it is a collection of many lively services and facilities, each designed to promote recreational boating and public access to the Edmonds waterfront.

As such, your Edmonds marina is huge public asset.

It is owned by the taxpayers of the Port District and managed for the benefit of both the Port’s paying customers and the general public.

Underlying all that we do is a commitment to quality. Creating value is our guiding principle.

People come back because their experience has given them a sense of value and caring.

In recent years the economic turmoil hit the recreational boating industry exceptionally hard. During that time, however, the Port’s marina occupancy has stayed high and relatively stable—between 93 percent and 97 percent—which is arguably the best in the area.

As a public enterprise, the Port manages the marina in a competitive environment of public and privately owned facilities ranging from Anacortes to Seattle and across the Sound to Kingston and Poulsbo.

Geographically, the Edmonds marina is situated in a spot where the human-built environment and the natural marine ecosphere meet.

We are impacted by the Edmonds marsh, the beach and the vast Puget Sound gateway to the open sea.

Environmental stewardship thus becomes a core value with us, and it affects every aspect of our operations every day.

The marina has 665 moorage slips and 232 dry storage spots. In addition, last year 3,100 boaters visited us (each paying for overnight guest moorage) and we launched 6,852 trailer boats, also for a fee.

The Port of Edmonds marina operates with significantly lower costs as a percentage of revenues than other marinas in our area, with a lower unit cost per lineal foot of moorage space as well.

We collect fees appropriate to cover operations and maintenance, and to generate a small return to pay for future replacement.

Besides all our boating facilities, we point with pride to our half-mile of public access promenade, public plaza, viewpoints and weather station, all available without cost to boaters and the public alike.

So what is the marina? It is a place where boaters, visitors and local residents can feel safe, have fun and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of this spectacular place where we live.


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