How about some civility?

Feb 19, 2014


Is there any way we can return civility and positivity to the on-line pages of the Beacon?

Today we have the usual barrage of disparagements and accusations from the ubiquitous Mr. Keeler (no fewer than four appearances on today’s page… )

“Edmonds watermelons…[whatever that means] there is no fabrication they will resist trotting out.”

“Sadly, this is one of the more “brilliant” comments out of the local eco loons.”

Mr. Keeler is entitled to his opinions, but can he not express them without denigrating everyone with a contrary view?

Not to mention the often rude comments of Mr. Dolan.  Or the swamp of dismal “I’m sick of” and “disasters” in the bottom left hand corner of page four of the printed edition where Mr. Pierre holds forth with his weekly groan.

Frankly, reading the Beacon these days is enough to drive one into a depression and can be a very unpleasant experience.

Let’s hear what’s going on, what’s good, some how-to-improve things articles.  The Athletes of the Week are great – we need more upbeat news, and please! More civility!

Nathaniel Brown


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