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Oct 29, 2018

Will the City listen to residents on housing strategy?

The overwhelming turnout of those opposing the Edmonds Draft Housing Strategy at the last two town hall meetings hosted by Councilmember Mike Nelson sends a clear message to the mayor, city council and members of the housing task force that their vision for Edmonds’ future does not represent the majority of its citizens.

This is contrary to the Guest View column in the Oct. 18 issue of the Edmonds Beacon submitted by Development Service Director Shane Hope (“City to rework housing strategy”).

She would have residents believe there is an equal distribution of opinions for and against or neutral on the subject. That is not the case, and residents attending these public forums clearly see that is a misrepresentation.

Hope leads readers to believe that they will listen to the public input and make revisions to the housing strategy.

Yet to date, the housing strategy task force is still made up entirely of people who have a vested interest in low income or low barrier housing, or who will receive a financial gain from affordable and density housing, while the rest of us pay for it in taxes and lost quality of life in Edmonds.

If they really are interested in our citizens’ input, they should welcome a handful of citizens onto the housing strategy task force right now, who offer a counter view to their vision and who will represent the majority of Edmonds residents in the revision process of the draft housing strategy.

Better yet, what is the rush to get this revised before the end of 2018 and presented for a vote in early 2019?

Is it fair to our city’s future to rush through this process when so much is a stake? Residents who do not want this housing strategy and this task force to hastily move forward need to write letters to every member of city council and mayor now and every week that follows.

Make your voice heard.

Mike Hanning


It’s simple – just repair the sign

You did not ask me, but I like the old “Welcome to Downtown Edmonds” sign better than any new thing the City is considering.

Just make repairs as needed.

Beverly Raines


A shout out during Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It’s a pretty October in Edmonds, but also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

After a two-year journey of a tough diagnosis, I can now celebrate a healthy report from the oncologist.

I also celebrate living in this little town that motivates me to exercise – and a great, healthy PCC to keep my diet on track.

So a shout out to all you Edmonds ladies: Do make room on your calendars for a yearly mammogram (or as directed by your doctor based on your age or medical history). You can do it, girls!

I live on and celebrate the new day.

Linda Danielson


Bring in the G-Men to get to bottom of racial incidents

The Edmonds Diversity Commission was formed not too long ago. Within the last two years, an alarming cluster of racial incidents have been reported, the latest just this month. ("Racial slur is hurled at African American woman," Edmonds Beacon, Oct. 18).

All of these incidents have apparently occurred in Edmonds, not in any of the nearby towns.

It is odd that the City of Edmonds has not called in the FBI to investigate these reports. Hate crimes clearly fall within that agency's subject-matter jurisdiction. If our seemingly peaceful town on the Sound has somehow become a hotbed of racism over the last couple of years, then we need to take serious action.

If there is some nefarious enclave of racists hiding amid our quiet, tree-lined streets and natural parks, the FBI is well-trained to get to the bottom of it.

They can obtain warrants enabling them to raid suspected homes and offices, confiscate computers, hand-held devices, e-mails, text messages and phone records. They can skillfully interview victims and witnesses, and forensically inspect and interpret any evidence they find.

They can electronically surveil if necessary. And remember, anyone caught lying to the FBI can be charged with a crime.

If we don't find out what is going on here, it could affect our city's reputation, businesses and tourism, not to mention the fact that no reasonable person wants anyone to be insulted or threatened in our town.

Come on, Mayor Earling. Our excellent police have done all that they can.

Now it is time to bring in the G-men!

Nancy Farnam


Respect the Second Amendment

I am writing in response to Marjie Fields’ letter in the Oct. 18 Beacon (“In support of Initiative 1639”). It is about safety. The safety of our family and friends when criminals break into our homes. It can take the police 15 minutes or more to get there and a lot can happen in that time. I

If we have to keep our guns locked up, it will negatively impact our safety.

As for keeping children safe in homes where people own guns, children need to be taught to respect be property and that guns are not toys.

As far as background checks, they already exist. Retailers that carry guns have a federal firearms license and required to have customers fill out the paperwork.

Trouble is, the federal government often drops the ball on their end. People who are prohibited possessers cannot get guns but, in some of the shootings that have happened, the people got them from family members, which should not happen

Taking away our rights under Second Amendment will not solve the problems. For the record, the NRA, of which I a member, was behind the NICS checks and goes after the Feds on the issue.

I will be voting against I-1639, and encourage everyone who supports be law-abiding citizens right to carry do likewise.

Patrick Switzer


A good read on Thursdays

Kudos to a brilliant man, Paul Archipley, who promotes local, local and local (“Beacon publisher wins top honor at WNPA conference,” Oct. 18). This little paper has been my Thursday read for decades now!

The Beacon is full of interesting opinions, factual investigative stories, sporting news and humanitarian and environmental lessons to be learned.

Cheers to your success, Paul, and keep up the great work.

Diane Buckshnis


Don’t take guns away from young women

Initiative 1639 is an affront to the dignity of women in our state.

For college-aged women living in dorms, navigating parking garages, starting an early shift at work or ending a late one, and especially for mothers under the age of 21, the message is clear: Your right to defend yourself at the hands of a violent predator, even an estranged romantic partner – doesn’t matter until you’re 21.

For a young woman, what will stop an unknown intruder in the night? Restraining orders get violated, emergency responders can take too long, and cellphones can be out of reach or destroyed during a physical altercation.

No serious person can look a mother in the eye and tell her that she doesn’t deserve free and fair access to the one thing that might protect her and her children in the crucial seconds that stand between her and tragedy – a firearm.

It is the fundamental duty of government to provide for the security of its citizens, especially the most vulnerable among us, and the wording of our state Constitution is clear: “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired … .”

Initiative 1639 threatens to create a class of young female victims by depriving them of their rights. Please vote no.

Maggie Mae


Vote for Democrats

As a born and raised Republican, I especially urge all voters to vote and to choose a straight Democratic ticket to help rid my party of the current crop of fools and hucksters.

My Republican party has been taken over by corruptible people who have:

• forgotten the value of a balanced national budget

• ignored the cost savings potential of health care for everyone, such as Obama Care can provide

• refused to behave in Christian ways to other politicians, the poor and other nations

• repudiated the benefits of worldwide cooperation in addressing climate control

• promoted the regrowth of rampant nationalism rather than cooperation with other nations in dealing with dangerous nations

• replaced truth and a free press with lies and threats

• sought unrestrained rule by destroying the checks and balances of our Constitution

• allowed President Trump to rule my party, which once boasted the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and the Bush presidents

Do not under value this election and the importance for America.

Mel Chandler






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