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Nov 21, 2018

Draft housing strategy: More data needed for support

ACE, the Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds, has reviewed in detail the mayor's draft housing strategy as it was presented in July 2018. We have developed many recommendations and comments.

ACE has concerns about the housing strategy adversely impacting building heights and density and disruption of single-family residential areas, including parking impacts.

There are some aspects of the plan that ACE could support, such as evaluation of land suitable for new affordable housing development.

And there are some aspects of the plan that warrant more evaluation and data from the City before ACE could support them, such as proposals to allow more flexibility in accessory dwelling units.

There are also potential hidden costs, service and tax impacts to citizens of Edmonds that must be openly addressed by the City as part of this process.

Go to aceedmonds.og/news-blog for the detailed comments developed by ACE on the housing strategy and recently submitted to City Council, Mayor Dave Earling and Development Services Director Shane Hope.

In light of strong opposition heard at various community meetings, we believe it very important for the City to actively reach out to the larger Edmonds community for open comment and input.

ACE looks forward to being a part of this process moving forward.

John Reed
ACE president


Courage from a young man

Thank you so much for your cover story in the Edmonds Beacon Nov. 15, “A New Man: Jess Cienfuegos is finally at peace, and ready to tell his story.”

I am so impressed with Jess and his bravery. I think it takes courage for him to tell his story so publicly, in a small community where there is less anonymity to provide insulation or protection.

I also think it took courage to write it and run it in your paper.

I hope that you all get nothing but support and praise for this. I am a teacher at Edmonds-Woodway High School, and although I missed those two students, I work with staff who knew them and supported them.

I don't know if they felt the whole staff was supportive back then, but I know some were, and I'd like to believe that all would be supportive today. Thank you again.

You have renewed my faith in small local papers, or at least this one.

Lynne Behrendt
Learning support teacher
Edmonds-Woodway High School


We are doubly fortunate

Our community is very fortunate to include a young man like Jess Cienfuegos, whose story was told in "A new man" in last week's paper.

Jess has not only overcome huge physical and emotional obstacles, but he has come out with an amazing, positive attitude and gentle, good humor.

I have no doubt Jess will contribute immensely to the betterment of our entire society in the years ahead.

We are also fortunate to have a journalist like Brian Soergel in our community, who can beautifully write such a sensitive, heart-warming story.

Alan Biné


City’s pothole team filling a need

Today I am reflecting on the kindness of strangers. The back of our house is on a gravel alley with BIG potholes.

Last Friday, it occurred to me that it would be very uncomfortable for my daughter, riding home after abdominal surgery, on our bumpy road. So, that day, I emailed the pothole crew in Edmonds how nice it would be if they could fill our potholes by the time Bailey came home from the hospital … or sometime soon.

Yesterday morning, when I left early to go back to the hospital, I could see that the potholes had been filled! I cried all the way to the hospital in gratitude for the kindness of strangers.

Thank you, Edmonds pothole team!

Diana Nielsen


Waking up with thanks

Challenged as we all are with the divisions and anger in the political arena, let us each stop and reflect the personal impact its had on us.

I can remember years back when life’s troubles brought me to such brokenness and financial desperation. But I found a place in my heart to be thankful for what I still had. Today, I wake up in thanks and appreciation for a new day.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to reflect on what we are thankful for, and what example we set for the generation coming up behind us.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda Danielson


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