Hope Springs Eternal

By John McAlpine | Apr 13, 2015
Photo by: John McAlpine

Hope Springs Eternal

by Obnoxious John


Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

Alexander Pope- An Essay on Man


This short verse has often been used, to my mind, to convey situations expressing the human condition where nothing has ever gone right. Yet this time will be different. The condition where despair has not set in and robbed us of hope, or even the desire to hope for hope. You know, kind of what its like being a Mariner fan.


I had to look up expatiate to fully grasp its meaning and was surprised to learn it means;When you expatiate, you add details, usually to something you are writing. The goal is to make your ideas clearer to readers, perhaps by offering an example to help them understand.


Here's hoping I can do that in this blog.


Baseball, unlike its counterpart team sports can be sooooooooooo slow and dreary especially if your team has no chance of even playing .500 ball, let alone winning a chance to play in the post season. Coupled with the seemingly laid back pace of each individual play I can understand why those not really locked in on the game dismiss each at bat, each game and the season as boring.


Think about it, a batter can see any where from one to a half dozen, and in some cases more, pitches per at bat. The average being about 3.75. If the pitcher takes his time between throws, if the batter tries to slow the pitcher down, if the catcher, or any of the infielders visits the mound it can seem an eternity between short spasms of action. Who wants to watch that?


There is a new Commissioner of Baseball and he's already trying to make his mark on the game with the time limit rule. So far as I know it's not been enforced that I know of, but the rule is there to prevent unnecessary delays that cause fans to fall asleep or not pay attention during the game.


Now, what about our local major league team?

This year I don't find our team to be boring. So far. Two extra inning wins early in the year with big hits from our new big STAR. That is sure to make everyone pay attention.


How many years have you had hope spring eternal as the team brings in one big name after another? How many times have you heard this player is sure to give the M's the boost they need?


Well, have some hope folks, because I think the signing of Nelson Cruz is a great move. It gives me hope that this year the Mariners will make the post season. If they get there, they could go all the way to the World Series. It'd be likethe Seahawks in the Super Bowl, except we'd get at least 4 games to savor the experience.


Now get out there and take one for the team!

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