Holiday Ramblings

By John McAlpine | Dec 21, 2013
Photo by: John McAlpine

Holiday Ramblings

Obnoxious John



It happened. It's been a few months since I tortured you with random thoughts and off the cuff opinions.


I knew sooner or later the urge to blog would return and I'd be extracting another bunch of letters from the cobwebbed lobes of my brain, grouped together as words, arranged in a somewhat logical sequence in an attempt to make some kind of point.


When the Robinson Cano news was verified, I said 'hmmmmmmmmm.' Then Chuck Armstrong announced he'd retire from the office he'd held since Reagan was president. I thought 'ok, there might be something here'.


Then Pat Haden (the first of the too short qb's in the NFL) showed he really is too short with his rather uninspiring choice for the next head coach of the USC football team. Love or hate the Trojans, it is a job that has to be considered one of, if not THE, most prestigious program in the country. Nothing against Sark but I thought 'can't he do better than that?'


Finally the Cougars, the poor downtrodden, can't catch a break, our heart's in the right place but nothing else is Cougars, finish with enough victories to go to a bowl game, for the first time in 10 years.


That's when I realized I had some blog material.


Chuck Armstrong finally cashes it in. I don't know, maybe he had a contract that didn't require the team he was leading (albeit from a business point of view) to be any good. It's a mystery to me how he held his job as long as he did. I have nothing against Chuck, after all he has 2 college degrees and was an officer in the Navy. I have no college degrees (well, an A.A.- Go Fullerton Hornets!) and was an enlisted man, so he's probably more qualified for that job than I but still............


The M's sign Cano and pay the same money they could've paid Alex way back when. Except Rodriguez was 26 not 31 when he left for greener pastures (and how!). The M's have a history of signing players who had success elsewhere and appear to be good moves for the team but then something happens when they come to Seattle. I don't know if it's the continual grey skies, constant drizzle or maybe they don't like coffee. Whatever it is, I hope Cano doesn't follow in the footsteps of Carl Everett, Miguel Batista, Rich Sexson or Chone Figgins to name just a few. Granted, based on past performance, none of the position players I listed are in Cano's class but still.............


I lived in the Los Angeles area when Pat Haden was the qb at USC. He spent his entire NFL career with the Rams. This was back when they had pro football in L.A. so you know it's a long time ago. Pat did 6 unremarkable years as a pro though the Rams did go the playoffs with him as a qb and he went to the Pro Bowl once. After football he went into the booth and did color commentary for a while. He is a Rhodes Scholar, graduated from USC Magna Cum Laude, has practiced law and made a bunch of money in private equity firms (whatever those are). My point? With all the experience, training and contacts he has, he hires back a guy who was allowed to leave there to come here. That job seems to be a place for a big name but still.............


When the Cougars finally let Paul Wolff go, who seemed to be snakebit as the head coach, and hired Mike Leach it was a good move. He immediately alienated pretty much everyone but has the program headed in the right direction as evidenced by winning more games in 2 years than the previous coach did in four. He got the team to a bowl game this year (ok, ok I know they only had a .500 record) and his offense has shown the ability to score a lot of points. Like in their bowl game today for example; they hung 45 on the board. But gave up 48! I was hoping Coach Leach would be able to eliminate that dreaded phrase from our language, the one every WSU fan knows by heart, the one everybody uses when something goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, the one that goes something like 'we had the game won but then we Coug'ed it'. But still..................




Now get out there and take one for the team!


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