High times could lay us low

By John Pierre | Apr 17, 2014

Congratulations Washington.  We have the dubious distinction of being one of only two states in the Union, at this writing, to have legalized the sale of "recreational" marijuana.

And we are "comforted" by being assured that the sale of this semi-potent drug will be restricted to adults only.  Who's kidding whom?  Are there any of us so naive as to believe that kids, with the current information that this drug is OK for their adult counterparts, won't find a way to get it for themselves?

Kids are smoking cigarettes that supposedly are not legally available to them.  Possibly smokes are being made available to them by some moronic "adult" friends or are being left lying around by their parents.  The fact remains that if they want to smoke cigarettes, they'll find a way to supply themselves.  Do we actually think that marijuana will be any different?

Many will know some glassy-eyed "adult" waddling down the sidewalk, with his pants belted well below his gluteus maximus, who uses the substance and believes that it makes the world seem happier.  While in a marijuana-induced stupor, he will likely be willing to take care of the younger people's habit.

While there are differing opinions, the University of Maryland School of Medicine recently conducted a study that made it clear that if adolescents start using marijuana at a young age, irreversible brain damage will occur with possible schizophrenia and/or other psychiatric problems.

There are those who will try to justify "pot" by comparing it to liquor.  I submit that most normal persons of average size can have a couple drinks and will still be sober while someone who inhales just a few puffs of a "joint" will be anything other than sober.

One other thing, though many dispute it, dependency on cannabis all too often leads to other, more potent, drugs.

Our laid back community, Edmonds by the Sea, WILL have two of these retail dealers within our town.  Ain't we lucky!!!!

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