Headlights should be on… always!

Nov 25, 2013


When I picked up my copy of this week's Beacon, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I often look for the Constant Curmudgeon first, not unlike pulling a scab off before the wound has fully healed.

You just can't resist even though you know it's going to hurt.  I can't ever remember agreeing with anything Mr. Pierre has ever written.

But back to my surprise and unexpected joy.

I had literally just dropped off a letter to the Edmonds Police Chief about the very same subject.

The one change to Mr. Pierre's column I would make refers to the matter of headlamp use in the rain.  If you need windshield wipers, you need headlights; it's that simple.

The cause for my writing to Chief Compaan was an experience I had recently when I found myself following an Edmonds police vehicle in the rain.  The vehicle was nearly invisible.

Motorcycles are factory equipped with headlights that are on whenever the vehicle is running.  Sometime in the late ’80s, as I recall the date, Canadian automakers equipped their vehicles similarly.

U.S. automakers did likewise, but soon abandoned the practice, undoubtedly chastised by folks like The Constant Curmudgeon for unnecessary and costly government interference in our lives.

My letter to the chief ended with my request that the Edmonds PD tackle the movement, first among other police and fire departments, to make headlights constantly on an everyday practice, allowing of course for those infrequent times where not being seen is necessary in the performance of their duties.

Motorcyclists can be cited for a headlamp not lit.  Maybe we ought to go there during times when headlamp use is required for safety purposes.

Gerry Tays


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