Hawks are ‘no different than most’ | Letter

Feb 11, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

What game was Mr. Hooper watching while I was watching Denver beating New England [“The Super Bowl? Not without Seattle,” The Beacon, City Lights, Feb. 4, pae 4].

New England lost/Denver won almost entirely because Denver's defensive line was far superior to New England's offensive line.

That's all it was, and I'm a Patriots fan so it's not easy to admit. The Patriots' o-line wound up the year just like the Seahawks' o-line started the year for slightly different reasons.

And when you have your running game taken away, all you have is a pocket passer, albeit one of the greatest of all time. Both Brady and Manning are pocket passers without the running threat that a Newton or a Wilson brings.

As for the author's distaste of Newton for his distasteful/disrespectful displays after touchdowns, the Seahawks are no less disrespectful with a few notable exceptions (Wilson).

Consider the outrageous outburst of Richard Sherman in an on field interview following the game with S.F. leading up to their Super Bowl victory. Or any number of defensive players on virtually every play. Some of them look like they've employed dance instructors to carry out their antics.

The Hawks are no different than most others, but that in no way justifies what the author and I agree are outrageous displays of unsportsmanlike conduct. The NCAA bans it and so should the NFL.


Gerry Tays,



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