Has City been ignoring sewer maintenance?

Oct 03, 2013


The Edmonds Public Works Director justified an almost 10 percent increase in combined utility rates over the next three years by citing "aging infrastructure" as the main reason for this steep hike.

He also stated "sewage is quite corrosive." Is anyone not aware that sewage is corrosive?

My question is, why hasn't this aging infrastructure been gradually replaced over time?

To suddenly demand this large increase citing long term aging infrastructure makes the City look like it has been sitting on everything for decades, only putting out fires when absolutely necessary while remaining oblivious to obvious problems such as the age of pipes, intrusive roots and the fact that "sewage is corrosive."

That Seattle ratepayers pay $200 while Edmonds ratepayers pay $81 does not seem like such a big difference when one considers that Seattle is a much larger city with far more extensive infrastructure to maintain.

Edmonds city bureaucrats appear to have a desire for big city revenues, but they should remember that Edmonds is not a big city -- it is a small town with a limited tax base.

I suggest a much lower rate increase over the next three years (4.5 percent) with a reassessment after that and, in the meantime, make gradual replacement of aging infrastructure part of our city's practical comprehensive plan

Nancy Farnam


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