Harbor Square Master Plan

As a resident and business owner in Edmonds, I strongly support this plan.
By Steve Johnston | Jul 20, 2012


As a long-time resident of and business owner within the City of Edmonds, I am very excited to see the Port of Edmonds offering a clear and visionary plan for a revitalized Harbor Square.

The proposed Master Plan for Harbor Point prepared and supported by the Port of Edmonds provides a compelling option for the future of a significant portion of the Edmonds waterfront.

First and foremost, it’s a real and workable plan for the redevelopment of an underdeveloped and aging commercial and office area to a new and attractive mixed-use office, residential, and commercial development.

Clearly, the course of no action for the area advocated by some citizens, who generally appear to be in favor of no change anywhere, has not served the City or its residents well in the past.

I, like many others, have watched with frustration as structures along and near our waterfront mature past their useful life and in some cases deteriorate substantially while people without a workable plan seek to block every attempt at responsible redevelopment or stall inevitable improvements with demands of unrealistic and economically nonviable proposals such as greenbelt and park systems for which there is no funding.

The Port’s plan for Harbor Square has been vetted and shaped by a knowledgeable, well-informed steering committee composed of involved citizens who have the future, not the past, in mind.

The plan represents a reasonable balance of development and preservation interests that gives Edmonds much of what it wants and needs in terms of economic vitality, jobs, and an increased tax base, without eliminating the amenities it and its citizens value most (a healthy marsh with viewing facilities, stunning western views of Sound and mountains, waterfront access and enhancement, and great residential and shopping opportunities.)

The planned development actually incorporates and creates additional public amenities such as marsh and environmental restoration, public open and gathering spaces, improved storm water controls, more permeable surfaces to allow stormwater infiltration and reduce flooding, and green construction for a sustainable future.

As a resident and business owner in Edmonds, I strongly support this plan.

I urge the City to amend the Comprehensive Plan to enable the conversations that will ultimately make the improved Harbor Square a reality.

The new Harbor Square complex, when combined with other inevitable and responsible development of underdeveloped properties to the north, will eventually connect our downtown to the water and is therefore a critical piece of Edmonds’ inevitable and revitalized future.

And no action is no plan at all.


Steve Johnston


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