Harbor Square development: open minds needed

By Allen Hendricks | Aug 23, 2012


When the City of Edmonds reviews and deliberates on the proposed plan to redevelop Harbor Square, it is important that the various officials, boards, the City Council and the Mayor approach this review with an open mind.

Unfortunately over the past several years, there is immediate opposition against any development proposal in the downtown area, which has building with heights of more than two stories.

I am requesting that the officials and boards and City Council consider this proposed plan to redevelop Harbor Square in its totality and not reject the plan because some of the building will be more than two stories.

In closing, it should be noted it is quite obvious that the Harbor Square area needs to be redeveloped.

Now is the opportunity for the Port and the City to provide a means to make that area attractive.

The present proposed Harbor Square Master Plan has been approved by the Port District after an open deliberative process.


Allen Hendricks


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