Happy trails ... until we meet again | Letter to the Editor

Jun 28, 2019

Editor’s note: The following is a letter from Edmonds City Coucilmember Diane Buckshnis to Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite, who recently announced that she accepted a job offer as parks director for the City of Redmond.

Dear Carrie,

Thank you for your wonderful service and dedication that you have given the City and community.

I know there are many folks that have the same feelings of admiration and respect for you, as you have crossed so many paths during your tenure with the City.

As you know, we have had many wonderful, joyful events after each major project completion and worked side by side on many projects that are still on the books continuing, but on track.

Your dedication to your staff, and all the many hats you had to wear, has not gone unnoticed.

I know I speak for many, as it has been an honor working with you and helping you achieve a wonderful legacy within the Parks and Recreations Department. I know when opportunity knocks, one must move through the open door, and I am happy for you.

But I am also sad, as we will all miss that twinkle in your eye, that cackle in your laugh, and your unbelievably, seemingly endless energy. I still chuckle at how we rushed through those museums in D.C. – but we saw a lot, especially in the Portrait Gallery.

Your exuberance is always positive and heartwarming, and I will miss that for sure. But I know you will be back to experience the finales of the Edmonds Waterfront Center, Civic Field, and completion of the Edmonds Marsh estuary restoration.

Happy park trails, Ms. Hite, and best of luck in creating a new legacy in the wonderful, environmentally friendly city of Redmond, that has over 1,350 acres of park land!

Diane Buckshnis


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