Happy Easter!

By Cliff Ruthrauff | Mar 28, 2013


No plastic bags. No EASTER eggs.

What a joke this town is becoming.


Cliff Ruthrauff

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Posted by: Samuel H Bess | Mar 28, 2013 22:38

Now we see another example of "leaders" not having learned the lessons of our founding history, making another attempt to "Pluck the Eagle's Feathers" all in the name of "accommodation". It would be better the city had no egg hunt leaving that task to tradition of the churches in the community.

Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Mar 30, 2013 10:55

I certainly don't miss the plastic bags - I'm one of the people who tries to pick up garbage dropped along Olympic View Drive, and they are not missed!

Why should the city be involved in a religious holiday in the first place?  Wasn't that one of the "lessons of our founding history"?

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