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Aug 22, 2018

Gun ordinance is irresponsible social engineering

Obviously, Council President Mike Nelson is out of touch with the majority of voters.

I certainly hope that the citizens/taxpayers in Edmonds will not have to pay a dime for the defense of this irresponsible and social engineering gun-storage ordinance that these current City Council members are proposing.

Councilmember Kristiana Johnson is the only one who understands the consequences of the City Council’s stance.

The Council needs to stop trying to legislate, and work on real issues that affect their constituency. I hope the voters are going to hold these councilmembers responsible for the many unpopular stances they have taken when it comes to vote.

Colleen Bucklin


Guidance on news of the day

Re: “Hyperbole on gun,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9:

How does Carla Elder think we could possibly know what to think, or believe, without the guidance of Susan Pedersen and our union leader, Mike Nelson?

How could we know?

Cliff Ruthrauff


Let’s connect the dots on drug epidemic

In "57 overdoses in 7 days in Snohomish County" Aug. 2, we learned about the dramatic increase in heroin addiction and overdoses and the heroic work of first responders to save lives.

But where are these drugs coming from?

Most of the heroin and fentanyl comes across our southern border, courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels. Those who promote open borders and the abolition of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) not only aid and abet illegal immigration, but also the movement of gangs and drugs into our country.

The gangs are intimately involved in drug and human trafficking. "Sanctuary city" policies not only aid and abet illegal immigration but also protect gang members and drug traffickers from law enforcement by refusing to communicate or cooperate with federal agencies and prohibit local law enforcement from doing so.

Leftist local governments often promote policies that enable the addiction behavior rather than help those who are addicted. Thus, the body count from illegal drugs continues to rise.

Unfortunately, one of our major political parties currently embraces and promotes all of these destructive agendas and policies. Guess which one?

The safety of our kids and communities is too important to ignore these facts. It is past time to ditch the political correctness and attack this drug epidemic in a realistic, honest and courageous manner by promoting drug rehabilitation programs that work, but also by rejecting candidates and officials who are clearly part of the problem and are only making it worse.

It's time for them to get a huge wake-up call from the voters in November.

Nancy Farnam




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