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By steven d keeler | Mar 16, 2014
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I stopped reading right after the first lie.

" He cites the 70s ice age prediction, " which was never made in the scientific literature; it was Newsweek and other popular media speculative articles, not science.

There is no point continuing where the author begins his opinions by lying.  The only assumption one can make is that further non truths and unsupported claims will follow.  Lacking any citations, a reader can only assume the remainder of the piece will be propaganda.  And this leads us to the present state of warmest hysteria as opposed to current climate science and solar physics:  the "settled science" that is anything but "settled".    In the case of this guest view one must remember that the frame for considering why the above  statement is a lie has to be evaluated with respect to the state of science then, not now.  The media were reporting a condensation of the science available, in laymens terms.  There was scientific literature which illustrated the gravity and extent to which scientists were considering the planets future climate.  Do not be tricked into thinking that the media was pseudo science and that was all there was.  What you should explore are the samples of the science of the early 1970's.  Several are listed :

Exhibit 1


Exhibit 2


Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4

1975 John Gribbin, "Cause and Effects of Global Cooling." Nature 254: 14.

The Ice Age Cometh  -  James  D.  Hays, an oceanographer and paleontologist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory.
The Saturday Review,  March 24, 1973,  pp. 29 - 32

In 1976 Stephen Schneider ** wrote The Genesis Strategy : Climate and Global Survival in which he said:
( "What Does It All Mean ? ", p. 90 ):  I have cited many examples of recent climatic variability and repeated the warnings of several well-known climatologists that a cooling effect has set in – perhaps one akin to the Little Ice Age - and that climatic variability, which is the bane of reliable food production, can be expected to increase along with the cooling.
**  Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change at Stanford University.

It is further noted that George Kukla was awarded the European Geophysical Union's Milankovitch Medal in 2004.

When you hit the first lie in a guest view, are you smart enough to stop with that which will surely lead to an ominous sounding ending ?  Such writings always do, it's the eco mantra.



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