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: GRAND OPENING FHS Chiro - A modern approach to chiropractic care.

Jun 07, 2018

Chiropractic*Rehab*Massage: We work with most major Med, FSA, PIP and L&I.  We help you move better, so you can feel better and live life!

We go beyond the traditional chiropractic visit by including the appropriate massage therapy as well as movement therapy to strengthen your weakest links.

Efficient and holistic healthcare is what we provide, and we do it on a first name basis. We also offer conditioning classes to help you balance out the daily stressors of sitting, standing, driving, etc.

We help make being healthy a little more convenient. Check us out at FHSchiro.com for more information.  We're located near the ferry station in downtown Edmonds, and operate out of "The Workshop" at 172 Sunset Ave., Edmonds.

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