Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting...

By John McAlpine | Apr 21, 2015
Photo by: John McAlpine

Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting, Bad Pitching Means You Beat Yourself

by: Obnoxious John



As the 2014 baseball season revealed itself to us it became apparent the M's had very good starting pitching, an excellent bullpen, pretty good defense and needed more punch in their line up.

They finished 19th in the rankings of runs scored, averaging 3.91 runs per game.

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As a result of this assessment Mariner management did what all the fans wanted them to; brought a bona-fide power hitter to the team, someone that sits in the middle of the batting order and improves everyone around him, just by virtue of his presence. So far so good with the acquisition of Nelson Cruz albeit we are only two weeks into the season.

The most noticeable thing to me this season is the scoring of more runs by the M's. Having that big bat in the order is like adding a cup of bleach to a quart of water, it changes everything.

The pitching last year was marvelous, as the Mariner staff led the majors in fewest runs allowed per game ( at 3.42.

That margin between scored and allowed is so thin a butcher couldn't cut it. Which is why we all drooled over the idea of having someone like Cruz added to the order. We knew the M's could put up much better offensive numbers with that slugger in the line up.

Then this year happened. Again, I will stipulate it's early and I am not pushing any panic buttons nor advocating any changes to the roster. Yet.

To date the M's are 29th in the league in runs allowed, yielding a not very impressive 5.31 runs per game. They are 16th in runs scored at at even 4. Before the year is over I think they will raise that runs scored number to somewhere around 4.25 or so. To give you an idea of past teams, the 1995 squad scored 4.91 runs per and the 2001 team a whopping 5.72 runs per game!

So what is this blog about? It's about the fact the hitting is already showing signs of great improvement. The pitching, quite frankly, has gotten off to such a slow start the team has already lost a couple games they could have won if the pitching would perform at the same level as last year. But it's not last year and they haven't.

So to paraphrase, not only can good pitching beat good hitting, so can bad pitching..............

Now get out there and take one for the team!

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