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They don't use regular hamburger meat but only serve ground chuck which is delivered three times a week and has never been frozen.
By John Pierre | May 03, 2012

Speaking of anniversaries, the Mitchell family (who are the owners of Hamburger Harry's) has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years.

Three brothers; Bobby, Quinn and Michael run the operations and divide their attentions between their location in Ballard and their most recent addition (a little over two years now ... time does fly by doesn't it?) of the one in Edmonds at 610 5th Ave. S.

Each of these men started working in restaurants, in their early teens.

Their father ran various well-known restaurants, over the many years, such as Pier 70, Golden Tides, Windjammer and Drift On Inn just to mention a few.

Bobby has been a long-time Edmonds resident (23 years).

He made a point of mentioning, in my recent conversation with him, how appreciative they all are over the fine support of Edmonds people who have embraced them and their restaurant which is the reason for their success.

While their headline menu item is hamburgers, they have changed over time to meet the requirements of diners to include pasta dishes, meatloaf, salmon, beef brisket, and various chicken selections.

For their home-style offerings, they find their pot roast especially favored by many of their older diners who love a burger but not for every meal.

They are also proud to make breakfast selections available all day long.

Their menu includes many varieties of sandwiches and salads to please just about any taste.

Hamburger Harry's doesn't have the cheapest burgers anywhere to be found and they have no intention of competing with the fast food emporiums.

They do, however, offer the very best burgers, according to Bobby, and they are priced for quality.

They don't use regular hamburger meat but only serve ground chuck which is delivered three times a week and has never been frozen.

They believe freezing negatively affects taste and texture.

All of their food deliveries happen three times weekly and are always personally inspected for freshness.

Hamburger Harry's doesn't even have a freezer on the premises (except a tiny one for the ice cream) and that's the way they want it.

Their burger patties are hand formed at which time their secret ingredient is added.

Their Edmonds location is very much kid friendly.  They  like the little varmints and provide a sand box liberally festooned with toys where outdoor dining is available as soon as the weather permits.  Their menu includes kid friendly items such as Mac 'n' Cheese.  Did you ever meet a kid who didn't love Mac 'n' Cheese?  I haven't.

They also offer a full bar in the adults only section.

They are open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. and love to prepare take-out meals for those who care to call in (776-6666).

No, I don't get paid for this but when I am impressed with an Edmonds business, I enjoy writing about it.

Welcome to beautiful Edmonds By the Sea, Hamburger Harry's.

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