Going green with the dogs...

Mar 21, 2013
Photos by: Pat Ratliff Every dog is an Irish Setter on St. Patrick's Day. Or at least they'd like to eat Irish fare, like these dogs enjoying a meal at the Dining Dog Cafe.

The Dining Dog Cafe held a special St. Patrick’s Day feast for dogs on Saturday, March 16. The restaurant was packed with dogs of all colors and sizes, who brought their owners for a special treat.

On the menu (for the dogs) – appetizers, chow tinis’ (a drink made of low-salt chicken broth with a meaty swizzle stick), Irish stew, corned beef treats and a special doggie dessert.

The Dining Dog Cafe was featured on Canada’s Food Network last year as one of the world’s “weirdest restaurants,” but the dogs and owners who frequent the cafe think very highly of it.

The Dining Dog Cafe is at 9635 Firdale Ave. N, Edmonds.

Call 425-314-4612 or go to http://www.diningdog.com for more information.

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