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By John Pierre | Aug 14, 2014

I've touched on this before, so I hope this is not too repetitious.

Some of you know that I'm a great lover of movies. I have a collection of DVDs that numbers slightly over 3,000, and I've viewed every one of them several times.

They are my total involvement into the world of entertainment.

While I love movies, I find some things about them objectionable.

For example, when I see a supposedly wood-burning steam locomotive approaching while belching out a cloud of black smoke, I find it bothersome.

Most of the world knows that black smoke is emitted from steam engines burning either coal or oil.

Then there are the "stars" of today's movies versus the real talents of yesteryear.

Some years back there were such actors as Clark Gable, Katherine Hepburn, Kirk Douglas, Lena Horne, Jack Elam, Ethel Waters, Humphrey Bogart and Jimmy Stewart, among dozens of others.

None of these performers would win any contests for best looking but all had amazing talent. Real talent.

Then there are today's actors and actresses many of whom started their careers as models ... both men and women.

I'd mention their names, but at least in my mind, they are all eminently forgettable.

I see frequent ads for their current "blockbuster" movies, and I can't help but wonder, "Who are these people?"

The men, for the most part, are pretty boys with zero else going for them. The women, mostly "girls," are qualified to participate in the Miss America contest, but lack any semblance of talent.

Almost without exception, each has had their figures improved (that's their feeling ... not mine) surgically. Even King Kong was more natural than these misguided persons.

Putting aside the modern "jump-into-bed-with-whomever-you-bought-a-beer-for" plot, the plots of today lack any semblance of a story line, but hope to attract audience attention through the sheer weight of violence and sex.

It is true that John Wayne shot a few folks, but the deed was done with some tact.

There were never any trickles of blood running out of his opponents back or other similar graphics.

Yup, movies have changed, but my appetite for the "oldies" hasn't.


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