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Nov 04, 2013


I spent my career in the business world, in which by far the majority of people that I dealt with were truthful. When running for an elected office the most frustrating aspect of it for me is the time you must waste repeatedly setting the record straight for statements made by my opponent.

I am not talking about statements that are subjective and open for interpretation, I am talking about outright lies told by Ms. Fraley-Monillas.

Here are just three of those lies in her response to Darlene Stern’s letter in the Beacon of Oct. 31 about Adrienne Fralley-Monillas’ lack of integrity and ethics.

Darlene said, “She misappropriated City funds by billing the city and accepting payment for three Snohomish County Health Board meetings that did not occur, and offered no explanation for the misappropriation.”

Ms. Fraley-Monillas’ response: “The allegations regarding $150 in misappropriated funds is the worst example of political mudslinging. The funds were reimbursed over a year ago and our council administration assistant has already submitted an explanation of the accounting error.”

Actually, $900 was reimbursed by Ms. Fraley-Monillas to rectify the so-called “accounting error” that caused her to be paid twice for 18 meetings.

The reference in Darlene’s letter is to the fact that Ms. Fraley-Monillas completed time sheets requesting, and receiving, payment for meetings in 2011 on June 17, July 15, and Aug. 9 that did not occur, and she has offered no explanation for that misappropriation.

The letter also stated that “She illegally used a copyrighted photograph in her mailer without the owner’s permission.”

Ms. Fraley-Monillas’ response is: “The fact is that he (the photographer) was paid in full, in a timely manner.”

The true facts are that the copyrighted photo was used without permission, as it was not noted on the photo when used by Ms. Fraley-Monillas that it was copyrighted, and payment for its use was not made until a third party brought this violation to the attention of the photographer.

Another claim by Ms. Fraley-Monillas in her response is that: “When Mr. Wambolt was on the council, and chair of the finance committee, the city reported a deficit of $4.8 million.”

I really have no idea what deficit she is referring to, but if she was to check the CAFR’s (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, the years that I was on city council, she would learn that for those four years, revenue exceeded expenses by $1.986 million.

Ron Wambolt

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