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By Joanne Peterson | Apr 09, 2017

Between various illnesses in the family, trips out of town and scheduling conflicts, I hadn’t seen my West Seattle grandchildren in quite some time. Any grandparent knows that when life gets tough, it takes a grandchild to put the world back into focus with easy laughter and innocent charm.

I needed those children!

I accompanied my daughter Lisa and 6-year-old Abby and Abby’s friend Aleah to a women’s gymnastics meet at the UW last Saturday, happy to keep company with not just one but two 6-year-olds. Abby reminded me, “Aleah and I have been friends since we were 1 years old.”

The two small aspiring gymnasts danced their way from the parking lot to the pavilion, with Abby announcing to her mother as we approached, “I want to sit in the front row where I can see their faces.” Well, not quite.

We sat high up above the events, with vacant rows above us, where our own small gymnasts could lark about without bothering anyone. After the first hour, the larking about became more interesting to the little girls than the impressive gymnastics action on the floor below – and of course they enjoyed multiple trips to the bathroom and the snack bar.

It was all fun.

On Sunday, another grandchild fix – Adam’s first soccer game of the season. He’s 8 now and has a big-boy soccer player image to maintain, but he still delighted me by trotting toward me when he left the field, wrapped his arms around me and leaned against me for precious moments while I basked in my good fortune.

My own soccer boy! Oh, my. After the game, I went home with the family for the rest of the afternoon, so I scored big on grandchild time both Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking of good times, at 7 p.m. Friday, April 7, the Lynnwood Community Band presents its free spring concert, “Romancing the Music,” at Advent Lutheran Church, 4306 132nd St. SE, Mill Creek. Food bank donations will be welcome.

A friend plays in the band, and her description sounds as if it features a marvelous bunch of fun-loving musicians who enjoy sharing music with one another – and with the public. Find more information about the concert – or band membership – by visiting

Another encouragement in the artistic realm: If you are a writer, you have until April 10 to enter the local EPIC Writers Group Fifth Annual Writing Contest. EPIC does a lot for writers in our community.

Check out details about the organization and the contest at, polish a piece you’ve been working on and submit your work.

It costs little to enter and you might win a prize, as well as the opportunity to read your work at a May 23 award event at the Edmonds Library. Teens are encouraged to enter, and there is no fee for their entries.

Of course, you’ll be welcome at the awards event, whether you enter or not.

Our community is full of fresh and intriguing opportunities for year-round musical and dramatic entertainment, plus opportunities to further individual growth in creativity.

There is something in our arts community for everyone – children, adults, individuals, families – to sample, to contemplate, to create, to question, to pursue, to enjoy.

I’m glad I came home to Edmonds.


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