Garbage mail: wasteful… and ironic

By John Pierre | May 08, 2014

What a waste.  Every single day of our lives, we find piles of garbage mail in our mailbox.  It's not only a waste, it’s stupid.  Except for some of the unwanted and unsolicited material that utilizes recycled paper, the cost of producing this pile of stuff comes at great expense to our struggling post office and to our forests.

It appears true that the U.S. Postal Service could possibly use some trimming, but that won't happen when their delivery vehicles are loaded to the gunnels with this trash.  Then it is costly to us personally because it comes close to filling our recycle container.  Without that pile of nonsense, we might not even need a recycling can.

There is one bank, for example, that sends my wife and me each a thick envelope of their many promotions almost on a daily basis.  We've never been in their bank and never intend to darken their door.

We are quite pleased with the bank at which we have been dealing since 1955.  It has changed ownership a couple times and names three or four times, but they have treated us well and with respect.  They have been Bank of America for a few years now, and their downtown Edmonds branch is convenient and friendly.

Do the producers of these unwanted flyers have any way of determining from which addresses they are getting a paying response?  Or do they even care?  And who is paying for this frivolous mailing?  The consumers of their products, that's who.

Today we received a glossy-paper, several-page mailing from a furniture company.  Once again, we have never been in their store, and I have no idea how we got on their mailing list.  And don't try to tell me that glossy paper came from recycled material.  What a waste.

Garbage mail is a great expense to all concerned.

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