Fullness Circles Foundation welcomes communications director

Oct 30, 2014
Suzanne Schaefer of Edmonds is the new communications director for the Fullness Circles Foundation.

The Fullness Circles Foundation has appointed Suzanne Schaefer of Edmonds as communications director.

“The Foundation is excited to welcome Suzanne aboard,” Foundation Director Manya Vee said. “She has been very enthusiastic about the foundation's work from the very beginning.”

Schaefer will handle all media communications and inquiries.

“I’m very excited about my involvement with the Fullness Circles Foundation,” Schaefer said.

The foundation supports the development of Fullness Circles, groups of friends regularly gathering to help each other explore the fullest expression of meaning in life.

“I believe many people are ready and eager for this kind of exploration now,” Schaefer said, “and it’s thrilling to witness the positive changes happening in their lives as a result of the meetings.”

Fullness Circles were inspired by the writings of humanist thinker and illustrator Jeff Stilwell whose seminal work “Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God” made it to No. 1 on Amazon Kindle's Hot New Releases list in its first week of publication.

Stilwell's daily Thrashin' Jack comics are also found on a wide variety of social media, and members and supporters of Fullness Circles routinely turn to the comics for inspiration.

For more information about Fullness Circles or the Fullness Circles Foundation, visit FullnessCircles.com. For more information about Jeff Stilwell, visit his wiki page or his PB&J Thoughts video series on YouTube.


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