Frittatas, lattes and good eats along the waterfront | Kind of Day

By Brian Soergel | Oct 03, 2016

Yes, it has been an Edmonds Kind of Day/Month/Year.

Sitting at a window seat at Salt & Iron at Fourth and Main (in the portion that housed the short-lived and scandal-ridden Bill the Butcher, bye-bye), I felt a Chamber of Commerce moment tingle up my leg.

It could have been the jolt from the muscular Americano, or the anticipation of the steak frittata, or the lovely company of my companion (and her incoming corned beef hash), but I felt fortunate to live in this city.

If George Brackett were dug up from the Edmonds Cemetery and transported to Fourth and Main today, he might say something like: “Gents, step away from the sawmill! Downtown is hopping on Main!”

He wouldn’t have said “Main” because way back then, when men were hearty, women wore bloomers, kids grinned under dirty faces and Edmonds was no one’s idea of a destination, Main Street was George Street. I think George might feel slighted by that today, but never mind.

The point is, and I’m afraid I’ve buried the lead, is that Edmonds in the short time I’ve lived here (15 years) has experienced a chameleon-like renaissance. Not so much in the architecture, as new construction is mostly uncharming, but in attitude.

We see young couples strolling arm in arm, lattes in hand and babies in tow. Oldtimers, too, out and enjoying the ambiance. Mayor Dave Earling remarked earlier this year that Edmonds is no longer “Deadmonds,” and he had a point there.

The demographic is changing, and that’s inevitable. After a few years of making money for Jeff Bezos along South Lake Union, I suspect there are those who marry, see diapers in their future, discover Edmonds, and decide it fits just about right.

These new residents, and I’m sure those who have also lived here awhile, are surprised at all Edmonds has to offer. Seattle and Bellevue are close, but nowadays those are dog miles on the freeway most times.

In addition to Shubert Ho and Andrew Leckie’s Salt & Iron, and their Bar Dojo at Five Corners, there are top-quality restaurants a-plenty right here. A decade ago, you might have resigned yourself to I-5 south.

No longer.

Now you have Epulo. The award-winning Demetris. Girardi’s, home of the excellent grub and seemingly endless happy hour. Five Bistro. Scott’s. The new-look Chanterelle. Strom Peterson’s The Cheesemonger’s Table (grilled cheese and tomato soup!). Evviva for the best pizza this side of Naples. Las Brisas. Rusty Pelican and Colonial Pantry for comfort breakfast.

For fun? Rory’s. Church Key Pub. Taki Tiki. Engel’s for when you’re feeling down-and-dirty. Daphnes for Desmond.

Of course, all of this goodness might rub others the wrong way. Too trendy. Too Kirkland.

But it looks like the new Edmonds is here to stay.



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