Friends of Sister City prepares for Hekinan delegation

By Kay Vreeland and Jeanne Mazzoni | Aug 01, 2013
Sister City Friends Coordinator Jeanne Mazzoni joins Miyuki Kojima from Hekinan. The Friends are busy preparing for the Hekinan delegation’s visit in October.

Friends of the Sister City was created by Jeanne Mazzoni in 2010 as a community volunteer arm of the Edmonds Sister City Commission.

When adult or student delegations from our Sister City Hekinan, Japan, visit Edmonds, the Friends help the Commissioners where needed, i.e. an extra driver, helping hands at a BBQ, creating or securing items for the gift bags, etc.

"Members of the Friends group of volunteers appreciate the opportunity to serve as resources during delegation visits. We have a wonderful time working together on behalf of the guests from Hekinan," coordinator Mazzoni said.

Mazzoni had been on the Sister City Commission for nine years, and wanted to stay connected in some way.

She developed the Friends group because the Commissioners can always use extra help when adult or student delegations from Hekinan visit Edmonds.

The 10 volunteers will be involved in the Hekinan Delegation visit Oct. 29-Nov. 4.

This visit continues the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our Sister Cities. The Mayor's Delegation to Hekinan in April commemorated the anniversary in Hekinan.

The current Friends group consists of eight women and two men. Each member gives whatever amount of time they have available.

Several like to go with delegations on the various days of the itinerary. A few speak Japanese, and that is helpful as well.

100 percent of the Friends group members have some association with either the language, living in Japan, hosting Japanese students or adults, being Japanese themselves, or having a keen interest over the years with regard to the Sister City relationship with Hekinan, and Japanese culture.

As the Sister City Commission prepares for the Hekinan Delegation, volunteers are working on gift bags and determining which activities they will help with during the delegation's visit. They will also be standing by for the Hekinan student delegation in August 2014.

If you are interested in finding out more about "Friends of the Sister City," please contact the chairperson, Jeanne Mazzoni at<>.

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