Free Fall

By Obnoxious John | Jul 16, 2011

Free Fall

by Obnoxious John


Though absent from these pages of late, I'm still following the local sports scene. To wit, attending an AquaSox game, listening to the M's on the radio and reading what is put in front of me in the local papers and on the Internet.

The conclusions I draw from my observations are;

a) the Mariner players conspired to take a 'mental health' day every time Doug Fister pitches. I know this because they appear to be batting in name only. His earned run average is very good and his won-loss record stinks. During the first round of baseball expansion, the Mets had a pitcher named Roger Craig. Born as a Dodger, he hurled for the Bums from 55 to 61. Going to the Mets he has two consecutive years where he lost more than 24 and then 22 games prompting someone (maybe Casey Stengel) to remark 'you've gotta be a good pitcher to lose 20 games'. Doug's a good pitcher but if you go by his W-L record you wouldn't know it.

b) The Mariners have been using 'guest' radio hosts to accompany Rick Rizzs as they determine who is going to permenently get the radio spot. Rick has been paired with Ron Fairly (who isn't in the running), Ken Levine, Dave Valle, Dan Wilson and Ken Wilson on some sort of rotating basis. The job should go to Ken Wilson hands down. Listen to him and then listen to the rest of them. No contest.

c) If you've not ever been Everett Memorial Stadium for an Asox game, you should try it. The only quirk is you can't bring in your own snacks but you can get close to the action and might be able to say you saw "(insert stars name here)" play on the Aquasox. Like I did with Felix Hernandez.

Though the M's have done better than last year I fear the second half of the season may be long and painful. I'm not sure the pitching staff can continue performing at the level they have been but then I can always hope can't I? Otherwise they appear to be a skydiver who can't open the shoot and will rush to the bottom in such a quick fashion that when they get there, it won't be pretty.

Now get out there and take one for the team!

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