Fraley-Monillas represents residents, not outsiders

Oct 24, 2013


The November election is approaching, and I’m writing to encourage everyone to exercise their freedom to vote.

The higher the vote count, and the more we participate, the closer we get to “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

And speaking of democracy, I’d like to say why I support Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for Edmonds City Council, Position 3.

Adrienne has spent the past four years on the council working hard to keep Edmonds an enviable place to live.

“How,” you say?  She gets out regularly into the community with council business, volunteering and meetings, and listens to the citizens.  Then she brings their interests back to the council.

She truly represents residents, not outside developers and special interests.

Adrienne has been fiscally responsible on the council.  Edmonds is currently working with a surplus, one of only a few cities around in that financial position.  No easy task considering the economic conditions over the last four years.

Adrienne knows that Edmonds doesn’t need to “sell out” to meet the needs of future growth and to maintain and improve the city.  She will continue to vote “no” on raising building heights in downtown Edmonds and to protect it and the waterfront from “Kirkland style” heights and high-density.

If the skyline and character disappear, how would we ever get them back?

Her opponent, Ron Wambolt, supports raising heights along the edges of the downtown business district, which is one of his ideas, in working with developers, to increase revenue.

As one of the few councilmembers who lives outside the downtown “view corridor” of Edmonds, Adrienne brings a different perspective on revenue generation, favoring a sensible development plan that considers the whole of Edmonds.

She has been a strong voice for redevelopment along our section of Highway 99.  Businesses along the highway currently bring in about five times the revenue as the rest of Edmonds' businesses combined.

The Hospital District continues to grow and is bringing in good paying jobs.

There is even a proposed extension of light rail that Edmonds has the opportunity to capture.

I agree that this is our best opportunity for development.  Opening this area up to a community style development that includes mixed housing, shopping centers, and green space would provide valuable revenue streams in property and sales taxes.

Adrienne represents working citizens, families, senior citizens, and not special interests.  Keep Edmonds a charmed place to live, work, and visit!

Please vote for Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for Position 3, Edmonds City Council on the November ballot.

Julie Hauf


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