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By steven d keeler | May 07, 2014


John Coleman says :

So today to launch his new campaign the President has invited a group of television Meteorologist to the White House to interview him on the topic.  The barrage of publicity will be deafening.  I deeply regret that the global warming/climate change thing has become a partisan political issue.  Al Gore made global warming a Platform issue for the Democrat Party and it is now accepted without serious study or scientific consideration by a vast majority of liberals in this country.  And, as politics goes, the Republican Party denies global warming because it is a key issue of the other party without even studying the science.

There are thousands and thousands of scientists who know without a doubt that the entire matter is based on bad science. We fight with everything we have to inform the public of the truth, but the dominate liberal media shuns us and the global warming team calls us names and insults us.

Regardless of your belief in CAGW or global climate disruption or whatever it is being called these days, we are now supposed to believe that an administration that took 3 years and hundreds of millions dollars to build a website that did not work, has the ability to understand all the complexities of the earth’s climate AND the answers to save the planet ??

Obama wants to be remembered as something other than the first African American President. It is a rightful shame that in his scientific ignorance he picked such a loser issue as climate change.

It’s really a shame to see a University of Miami Geology Professor (  Harold Wanless, University of Miami ) join the CAGW zealots and make statements like this:

“We already have water in the streets in places like Key West and on Bayshore Drive,”

Key West has a long history of flooding. This article (The Blue Paper | Key West’s Lower Duval Street: A History of Flooding) describes why Duval Street frequently floods. The writer ends with: “Blame it on the hurricane of 1846 if you wish.” So, we “already HAD” that, Professor !

Assuming the good professor is speaking of Bayshore Drive in Miami, we can easily find an article (Hurricanes: Science and Society: 1926- Great Miami Hurricane) which shows this picture of Bayshore Drive, flooded back in 1926. Imagine that !

Another history describes the 1944 hurricane and says: ” Tides at Miami Beach were 4.5 feet above mean low water; portions of Miami saw flooding up to 10.7 feet; and at Cutler Ridge, about fifteen miles south of Miami, the … Boats of all kinds were tossed out of Biscayne Bay across South Bayshore Drive and ended up in piles of rubble near Mary Street.

Don’t geology professors check their facts ??

The taxpayer is now funding climatastrology. I predict we will soon be experiencing the “Jeane Dixon effect”, which refers to a tendency to promote a few correct predictions while ignoring a larger number of incorrect predictions.


The National Climate Assessment Report is a political document, not a scientific one.



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