Flee or stay? The Taste takes over Edmonds | Kind of Day

By Brian Soergel | Aug 11, 2016

If you live around here, there’s a good chance you’re well aware that A Taste of Edmonds is Friday through Sunday.

Are you going?

I know some who have gone a few times and are done. Spent. Been there, done that.

I’ve heard some even leave town, or lock their doors, close the drapes and hunker down until the party’s over. Too many people. Too much noise.

I don’t know any of these people.

Conversely, there are those who return every year, even if only for one day or night.

I’ve lagged a bit in the past few years, but remember heading down every Friday night a while back to mingle with friends in the beer garden before doing the screaming banshee thing when the Beatniks came on. Can you ever get tired of “Baba O’Reilly” (aka “Teenage Wasteland”)?

I remember it was always Mayor Gary Haakenson who served me beer. The mayor on the tap? Cool town.

It was current Mayor Dave Earling who helped start the Taste 34 years ago, along with Jerilynn Brusseau, who used to own Brusseaus where the Red Twig is now; Chris Matt, who owned Kintanaroo, formerly on the corner of Third and Dayton; and Danny Rice, who owned a retail decorating and furniture store.

The Taste has history. That’s why we call it “the Taste.” The word “the” connotes familiarity. There may be several bites and tastes around Puget Sound, but this one is our own.

But talk to those who run the Taste, Chamber and PR folk, and they’ll tell you that the Taste draws thousands from outside the area, too. These people may look around and think: Hey, this looks like a pretty hip town a few blocks away. Let’s explore and spend money. This is good.

Some locals use the Taste as unofficial reunions. They may be too busy with everyday life most of the year, but manage to catch up with old friends at Civic Field.

Here are four unofficial reunions this weekend. Guess where they’ll be held? Give up? The beer garden.

  • Meadowdale High School Class of 1976 hosts its 40-year party 4 p.m. Friday;
  • Edmonds High School Class of 1986 hosts its 30-year party 2 p.m. Saturday;
  • Lynnwood High School Class of 1996 hosts its 20-year party 6 p.m. Aug. 13; and
  • Edmonds-Woodway High School Class of 2006 hosts its 10-year party 4 p.m. Sunday.

Although the beer garden is rightfully popular, I recently conducted an unscientific survey and discovered that more friends are ditching their IPA and blondes for wine. Red or white, it doesn’t matter. So it’s no surprise that the Taste’s wine garden is bulging with more bodies each year.

This year, there will be another selection of Northwest wines – not California or France, we make our own, too. The host, for the fifth straight year, will be Edmonds native Jeff Boyer, whose Uncorked business provides wholesale access to small-production wines from Washington.

He might even buy you a glass. He’s been known to do that.

Of course, you can wash down your beer and wine with plenty of food. Or stuff that looks like food, but wasn’t grown in any ground I’m familiar with.

Two local restaurants will be there – Demetris and Scott’s. Perhaps it should be called A Taste #in# Edmonds? (For reasons it’s #not#, read the main story on page 1.)

Crepes, ice cream, corn, curry. All excellent food groups.

I may have focused a bit on alcohol and gluttony, but know that there’s plenty of stuff for kids. Have you seen Reptile Isle? Creepy fun. Kids karaoke is always worth a grin or two. Watermelon contest? Yes. Plus plenty of dancers and martial arts.

Plenty of fun. Let’s hope the weather holds out. Last year’s first day closed in the afternoon due to wind and rain, which both apparently were unaware it was August.

But, please, as the Chamber of Commerce says, leave your pets at home. What do you think this is? The farmers market?

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