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By John Pierre | May 15, 2014

Thanks to the insistence of the new, expensive and wasteful project thinker-uppers on our City of Edmonds staff, construction of the useless "roundabout" at Five Corners is fully underway.

I suspect that businesses close to that intersection aren't jumping up and down with joy as portions of related streets are blocked off as heavy equipment is brought in to tear up the streets.  Many of these businesses, during certain periods, can only be patronized by circuitous routes for sometimes lengthy periods of time.

There were many who were dead set against this unneeded "beautification" of the intersection, but their cries for cease and desist fell on deaf ears of City Council members and City of Edmonds staff, who were busy developing plans to help justify their existence.

Granted, there were a few who were in favor of the wasteful change, and they were, apparently, heard loud and clear.

What we are hearing now is that the project will cost somewhere around $3,500,000 of taxpayer money to complete.  Anyone care to bet that figure will jump to $6,000,000 or more?

There'll be delays and cost overruns as with most governmental projects.  We'll hear about it eventually, but the thinker-uppers aren't discussing those possibilities in these early days.

We hear that Edmonds won't foot much of the bill as a federal grant is paying most of the cost.  Sorry 'bout the fact that we don't have the money available in D.C.   But, what the hey, we can just print up some more and everything will be hunky-dory.

The stupid "roundabout" is a fact of life, and we're now stuck with it.  Government boondoggles are usual in this day and age.  The fact that the Five Corners intersection didn't need the change has become irrelevant.

Our City is fortunate to have some capable "grant writers," so much of the cost is dumped on other taxpayers in other parts of the country.  Just as we, in Edmonds, are paying for similar wastes in hundreds of other municipalities throughout America.  Like taking money out of one pocket and placing it another and kidding ourselves into thinking that's necessary to a balanced budget.

But what's a few TRILLION here and there?  We don't have to pay it ... our grandchildren and their grandchildren will foot the bill.

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | May 18, 2014 15:36


When the Parthenon was going up, I'm sure the CC's ancestor was there to object about "boondoggles" and "thinker upper.".  Civic improvements are always controversial, but years later, such projects tend to become matters of civic pride and urban improvement.  Remember the buzz around our fountain?  Yet what a lovely, busy place that intersection now is.

I've been against the project, I have to admit.  But now let's shut up, stop the "I suspect" and "anyone care to bet" (somewhat threadbare as to actual facts) - and realize that even though there were many who were dead set against this, the duly elected council has made a decision - and that's democracy.  You can't always have your way.  Don't like it?  Propose something better.  Elect someone else.  But I'll bet that in ten years we'll all be glad Five Corners had the facelift.

And why the quotes on "roundabout"?  Isn't it a roundabout?

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