Fireworks dangerous, ‘abusively noisy’ | Letter

Aug 07, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I disagree with most of what John Pierre writes for the Beacon, but he has a right to his opinion.

However his column on fireworks crossed the line from foolishness to irresponsibility [“Thrill of fireworks for experts only,” The Beacon, Constant Curmudgeon, page 4, July 24].

If a reader were unfamiliar with his views, one might think he was being sarcastic.

I fear though that Mr. Pierre is serious about defending the right to use dangerous and abusively noisy “fine fireworks,” calling it “a shame that the thrill of good fireworks is only a memory.”

If only it were so! Some of us truly dread the explosive way Independence Day is celebrated by our neighbors.

I invite our Edmonds public safety leaders to respond in this space with the “sound” reasons why fireworks are increasingly being banned in our communities.

And if the matter were put to a vote as Mr. Pierre desires, be assured that I would vote to ban anything that makes enough noise to be heard more than one house away, or burns hot enough to start a grass fire.


Barbara Rood



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