Finance laws need to be easier to follow | Letter

May 17, 2017

I appreciate Barbara Tipton's kind words about my efforts to expose both the violations of Washington state's campaign finance laws (“Strom Peterson complaint frivolous,” Letter to the Editor, April 20) but also the problems with the statute that probably merit some changes.

I am sorry that she doesn't believe Rep. Peterson's violations are significant, but the Attorney General obviously disagrees with her.

I would encourage Barbara to do a better job reading. I haven't spent much time discussing labor unions, but I certainly do discuss a lot of other subjects that would interest her on my site, where Barbara is welcome to get a bit more educated about interesting subjects like property rights, government corruption, campaign finance law, and other topics of interest in Washington state.

I am optimistic Rep. Peterson will be willing to work with me next year on simplifying and improving the state's campaign finance laws so that they can be both easier to follow, even for newcomers to the process.

Perhaps laws can also be more streamlined for the enforcement agencies as well, without sacrificing the necessary transparency goals and objectives that a previous generation of activists intended when they created much of this system by initiative in 1972.

Barbara is also welcome to read my guest editorial in the Tacoma News Tribune responding to the editorial she quotes, which provides more information.

Glen Morgan


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