Fiasco was not Founding Fathers’ intention | Constant Curmudgeon

By John Pierre | Jul 17, 2014

I can only wonder if there is such a thing (person) as an honest politician. Are they all crookeder than a dog's hind leg?

I suppose there must be a very few in one of the three branches of government; legislative, judicial or executive that retain their original principles, but they certainly are adept at hiding their identity so that it is hard to spot.

Executive? Best not to talk about it in detail. They are so busy lying their bottoms off and then covering up for their misdeeds that they are a pitiful bunch.

Sadly, they are supposed to be the most important team in the world.

Judicial? If these highly acclaimed justices were worth their salt, why do all the legal decisions always come out five to four?

I thought they were supposed to interpret the Constitution and not their parties’ preferences on a given matter.

Legislative? That's a joke. They might have had principles when they were first voted into office, but the leadership of their party soon squelches any inclinations in that direction.

Soon they become interested only in padding their own personal wealth and flying to all of the world's secluded vacation resorts at the taxpayers’ expense.

Whether our elected representatives are Democrats, Republicans or Independents, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

They seem to not be representing their constituents, their districts or, for that matter, the United States of America. Most seem only interested in keeping their party leaders happy.

Sadly, the voters are solely responsible for the fiasco that is called Washington D.C.

Many politicians are voted in only because of name familiarity. Some seem to be in office for life.

That wasn't the intent of the Founding Fathers. They made it quite clear that people from all walks of life should be elected for a reasonably short period and then go back to their regular jobs.

I could mention some who, after many years in office, were hopeless drunks who ran around hotel corridors nekkid as a jaybird.

Our electoral system is broken. It's hard to say if it can ever be repaired.


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