Ex-Greenpeace president says ...

By steven d keeler | Jan 31, 2014


No one rushed over to greet them. This was no cheery reunion. The Moores came not to praise Greenpeace, but to protest it.

They despair of Greenpeace now. “Ultra-leftists,” snarls Mr. Moore. What bothers them most is the organization’s stiff opposition to genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The Moores are big proponents of Golden Rice, a genetically modified cereal grain designed to produce beta carotin. It promises to combat Vitamin A deficiency in the developing world, the Moores insist, where rice is a dietary staple. The family has established a Vancouver-based non-profit society, Allow Golden Rice Now, to promote its further development and scientific research while bringing attention to what they claim is an efficient, humanitarian response to a global hardship.

Ouch !


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